Update on Chloe…November 6, 2018

In October, Chloe had a routine surveillance colonoscopy with an endoscopy thrown in because of some upper GI symptoms. No issues on the upper scope, but the colonoscopy showed patchy inflammation which was confirmed with the biopsy results.

It was a surprise. Since August 2014, she has been in remission. Three years of diminishing health and worsening diagnosis, and finally she was in remission.

For years, we’d been in survival mode. It took a while to breathe easier. It took a while to relax. It took a while to rest. It took a while to let down our guard.

The last four years Chloe has grown and developed into a beautiful young lady. She has played competitive soccer and even ran a half marathon last spring.

When her doctor met me in the waiting room and reported his initial findings, fear raced to the front of the emotional line. Not because of where Chloe is right now, but because of where she had been. These results are a reminder that there is a sleeping giant who we have been tiptoeing around.

The giant is stirring. Chloe feels pretty good. But the inflammation is rumbling, and at a cellular level waking from slumber.

The question now is what to do. There are risks to allowing inflammation to continue unchecked. There are risks to adding new medications.

After another round of lab work to test her antibody levels, there will be a preapproval process for a biologic called Entyvio. If that isn’t approved, then for Remicade. Once insurance gives their stamp of approval, Chloe will be scheduled for infusions.F5FD7680-E5C3-4B29-9B0D-E12EC2AD25AC.jpeg


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